Friday, 29 June 2012

[Flash Fic Friday] Yeong

"Why do you come to stand before me? You were cursed to live a life in hell you have created."

Yeong rose, lifted his head, his blond hair falling over his eyes.  He tugged at the chains binding him and took a breath. "I asked not for me, but for the one man who's ever meant anything to me.  I hear his cries at nights. I feel his tears fall down like raindrops from the heavens. It breaks my heart."

"But you are dead, Yeong. you have no heart."

"Then why does it hurt so deeply? Please...I beg of you."

"You? Beg? Why does this man means so much to you?"

Yeong wasn't quite sure of the answer to that question.  If it was up to him, he would stay in the hole he'd been cast due to his deep urge for vengeance on those who would wipe his family off the face of the earth.

"We demand an answer."

The voice boomed at him, causing his head to throb from the loudness of it.

"He loved me first...."

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