Thursday, 7 June 2012

Morning Cup-a Joe

So this morning, Remmy and I had a conversation, I think she was still asleep but yeah it was about what would happen to this man if he was ours. So, we both agreed we would ban clothes. So he would never EVER be able to wear clothes...EVER....and he would never EVER leave our bed. We agreed there.  We are also in accord when we said he would be licked, fondled, ridden, gropes, stroke, caress--minutely... 

What we couldn't agree on is whether or not he would work well as a firefighter or as doctor....

Remmy says he's a lil thick to be a firefighter but I say he would make a perfect fireman. His muscles make  him lighter and be able to move-run faster...If my doctor walked through the door and looks like this...who here would bail me out of jail!! 

Hugs and have a Man-Tastic Day!

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