Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Let's do DUET!!!

Ryu sits alone in living room with laptop on the desk across from the window.  Outside the condo, a siren blared by, followed by a horn, then regular traffic due to the open window.  Remmy had pouted, turned off the A/C and opened it.  She hates the artificial stuff when it's not boiling outside. Inside, the condo is quiet except for Remmy fussing around in the kitchen, periodically shouting "You call this food?"  and "When was the last time you cooked in this place?" just before a crash, the dog bolted into the living room and a resounding "Son of a bitch!" echoed from the kitchen.

Remmy had crashed into the overhead hanging pots again.

Remmy walks in and peers over Ryu's shoulder. 

Remmy:  Dude, really?? Let's duet? *rolls eyes and pushes Ryu out of the way to delete title*

Ryu:        Would you live a little? *pushes Remmy out of the way and re-types title*

Remmy:  *Sits in sofa and reaches for Ryu's Potato chips--stuffs hand in and pulls out some* Corny as hell. What are we blogging about anyways?

Ryu:      Why don't we start with how we met? *turns to look at Remmy then turns back to screen* Okay...so it was about three years ago? Remmy was walking in the PRIDE parade over here in Toronto.  I mean this thing is HUGE! People come from all over the world to walk in this thing. She was wearing these leggings and a top that tied around her neck and dark shades.  I mean this girl was curvy in all the right places--and me being bi had to notice! I mean what guy wouldn't?

Remmy:   Ry thinks am seeeeexy! *dances around room*

Ryu:         *tries to ignore Remmy's dancing and continues to type* I remember thinking--there is not a gay bone in her body. But still I walked close to her with my boyfriend at the time.  She was there with another friend.  And the two were hugging people and laughing.  My boyfriend at the time said I should give her a hug and she had this smile that just made me readily walk over for my hug.  We started talking.  She introduced herself as her real name. I guess she probably thought I'd be weird about it but anyways we exchanged business cards and as dumb luck would have it, I lost her and her friend in the crowd.

Remmy:  That sucked. It got worse when I lost his card. I mean could you believe that shit? I swear if it wasn't for bad luck I would have no luck at all. I gave up on ever finding the card and a month went by. Then one day I logged into my private facebook and there was an invite from a Ryu Takahashi.  I stared at it for a while before clicking on the name and the guy had his fb private! I would have to accept him to figure out who it was.  I wasn't going to message him and say "um...excuse me, but who are you?"

Ryu:         How could you have forgotten all this yummy goodness? Wait....Who's that chocolate-ie goodness?

Remmy:    *rolls eyes* Stop being a nerd. *smirks*  That is some model I found.  Jade wanted some loving so I send him over to her place.  Anyways I added him and he didn't turn out to be a weirdo.  We talked over facebook chat for a bit and one night invited him out to my favorite restaurant, Moxies for a couple of drinks with me and my friend.

Ryu:      I never understood why you love that place so much. The waitresses never wear real clothes and the music...ugh horrible.

Remmy:  Good food is good food.

Ryu:       We spent the next few hours just chatting, getting to know each other and found out she was Remmy.  I had questions! I mean I read "All He Wants for Christmas" and I wanted to know why that story wasn't longer. And what was up with the short stuff in "Caribbean Heat"? Remmy blinked and stared at me with this blank, then incredulous stare I've gotten used to when she's shocked about something.  I took a dramatic breath and demanded longer works. lol.

Remmy:    Yah, like because he has a penis he's the boss of me.

Ryu:        That's right baby, I gots da penis!

Remmy: *kicks the back of Ryu's chair* Perv *laughs* Anyways, over the years we've gotten to be close. Though half the time he's half way around the world we still manage to start a few writing gigs together and run the Kool Queer Lit. Its not always easy but we've been making it work.

Ryu:     Yeah, Remmy-kins here is a diva!

Remmy: Am not!

Ryu:      Are too!

Remmy:   Am no....Oh for crying out loud! All we're trying to say is this, we hope our friendship inspires us to write many, many stories together.

Ryu:     And we also hope that our stories inspire our friendship for many more years to come.

Remmy:  You can be a total sweetheart.

Ryu:  *blushes and sits beside Remmy on the couch*

Remmy: Did you just called me Remmy-kins?

Ryu:       I admit nothing!

Remmy:  I knew that line was going to come back to bite me!

Hugs and have a MAN-tastic day!
Remmy and Ry

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