Going Back for Sam

Title: Going Back for Sam
Length: Short Story
Authors: Remmy Duchene & Ryu Takahashii
Genre: Erotic, Romance, Reunion, Interracial, Blasian

Iro Kazumi has the honour of being one of Kaller Hill Academy's first alumni. He attended the high school for Gay boys because he came out to his parents at ten. But because he went to an all gay school doesn't mean he had to date there. In fact, he stayed single the whole four years he attended. Still, he had eyes for Samuel Archer, a sexy Chocolate Adonis who played on the hockey team. Iro swore he would tell Samuel how he felt on the night of their prom--only Sam didn't go to prom but was drafted by the Toronto Red Tails as their first base player. Yeas later, Kaller Hill is having a reunion for their first graduating class, and Business Tycoon Iro Kazumi is going back for his man.

Samuel Archer is on top of the world in his baseball career. Though he's been traded a few times, he finds himself home again with the Toronto Red Tails. When he gets the invitation to his high school reunion, he doesn't want to go back. After talking to his father, Samuel found himself on a private jet back to Kaller Hill and into the path of the one boy he couldn't have...Iro Kazumi.

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