Friday, 3 August 2012

[Flash Fic Friday] Sydney and Frank

The sun broke through the slight slits in the curtains and Frank rolled over to bury his face into Sydney's neck. The warmth of his lover's skin caused him to moan, his cock to jerk to life and every part of his body to throb so beautifully. He caressed a hand down Sydney's chest, allowing his fingers to ripple over the perfect abs and before caressing inside Sydney's belly button with his pinky.  His lover moaned and shifted.

"Morning," Frank whispered, climbing over Sydney and kissing his reply from his body. "I want it."

Sydney laughed softly, tangling his arms around Frank's neck. "Breakfast in bed? I can do that."

Rolling over, Frank allowed Sydney to take control.  He slid upward, pulling his knees beneath his naked frame causing his ass to stick out.  He felt it the moment his cheeks spread with his position for the cool breeze from the air conditioner washed over his hot hole. 

"You get to chose, Frank," Sydney leaned over Frank to whisper against his ear before biting the lobe.  

Frank whimpered.

"My tongue, or my cock." 

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