Thursday, 7 June 2012

[Flash Fic Friday] Danny and Marcus

Danny stared out the window at Marcus carrying the piece of fence over one shoulder.  Every muscle in the man's body twitched and danced so rhythmically, all he could do was press his nose closer to the glass and panted.  His hot breath fogged up the window and he rubbed a large fist to clear it.  He jammed his nose against it again, breathing through his mouth so the air hit the floor than the glass.  Years of playing football left Marcus built in every perfect way.
A sliver of saliva escaped Danny's lips. He moaned and boxed a hand against his chin to get the excess while using his free hand to twist his clothed nipples violently--just the way Marcus did the night before.  He whimpered.
Tapping on the window, Danny waited until Marcus looked up before smiling and running a hand over his abs.  He watched a smile trickled across Marcus' face before allowing the hand to slide lower. He unbuckled his pants, pushing them to his ankles and stroked his boxer covered, aroused cock while staring down at his lover. They'd only slept together once but Danny was no fool.  Marcus had a wild, passionate side about him--it was raw, rough and just so damned sexy. Thinking about it caused his dick to throb in his hand.  Marcus took a step forward, and Danny held up a hand before turning his back to the window and sticking his ass out.  He hoped it told Marcus precisely what he wanted.


  1. Oh I'm sure Marcus knows exactly what Danny wants... Hot flash! Love it

  2. Nice hot and sexy flash...*swoons*

    1. lol and they are coming every friday...have you thought about entering the contest?