Friday, 15 June 2012

[Flash Fic Friday] Thassos and King Cyamese

Thassos stood against the wall, watching King Cyamese pace the cell like a caged rat.  He wondered why the man was truly there but said naught.  Every inch of him was on high alert. He was aroused by the long haired, pristine clean man before him and he felt disgusted with himself.

This man holds your freedom in his hands. You hate him, remember?

"You have refused your freedom. Why is that?" Cyamese questioned, stopping long enough to peer at Thassos.

"I do not wish to give you a reason," Thassos replied.

"Yes. I am your king! You have to!" The man thundered. "You answer to me and no one else!"

Thassos didn't move, nor did he flinch at the man's obvious anger at being denied. "You are my king, your highness but you are a mere man. I do not answer to you."

"I can make it so that you are beheaded.  Fed to the ravenous beast of Belsar without so much as a second thought. Have you considered that?"

Thassos tilted his head. "You can do all those things, but you will not."

"And what makes you so certain of my course of action in this matter?" King Cyamese took a step toward the enslaved fighter and locked eyes with him.

Thassos smirked ever so slightly and bowed his head, not in a servant to a master way, but in a way that told of a secret to be told. "Because, your highness. I have seen the way you watch me.  Thine eyes tell of more than a mere master watching a slave."

"I know not of what you are prattling about." The king swung away.

Thassos took a breath. "You wish to taste of my body like lovers do. You wish to touch me, to feel my member pulsate within you. You are king. You are a master. You are most high and yet, you wish to bed me."

The King swung to face him again but quickly hurried from the cell slamming it shut behind him and shouting for the guards to lock the gates.

Thassos merely laughed.


  1. OooO I just love that flash!!! so ... unusual! It's a great one. I bet the king will change his mind pretty soon and will come back to his "slave".

    1. Isn't it a great flash? Rem was all nervous to write the dang she's two chapters in lol