Friday, 6 July 2012

Flash Fic Friday] Kiro and Shane

I never saw myself as sexy. Sure I went to the gym religiously, and ate healthy. But I never saw myself as a man other men could fall in love with--especially a man like Shane.  I sit across from him everyday, watching the smoothness of his dark skin, the heated brown of his eyes and the full perfection of his lips.  I yearn for him daily, pinned for him nightly, and touched myself to him every chance I got. Each time he looked at me I could feel myself dripping in my boxers. It took every strength I had not to dive over the boardroom desk and take what I want.

Damn the laws.

Damn the work place ethics and their committees.

Damn every good sense I've ever listened to.

But I am afraid--ashamed of my thoughts and vulgarity.

 My friends all called me a fool, for they said a black man would never love me.  They told me of the stereotype they had for Asian men--we had small dicks.  Shows you how much they know.

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  1. OoooO Nice!! well, more hot than nice, but nice nonetheless!
    Love it :)