Friday, 13 July 2012

[Flash Fic Friday] Vlad and Mack

Vlad stuck his hand into the locker and pulled out his badge.  He could not believe Mack busted him back down to uniform--and for what? Because Mack was to fucking hard up to take a joke? Shit, Mack definitely needed to get laid.  Jamming the badge against the front of his shirt he stuck the flashlight into the holder, checked his gun before shoving it into the holster on his hip and reached for his jacket.

He'd just slammed the locker shut when he was grabbed from behind and shoved face first into the locker. He grunted from the force of the hit then anger surged through him like a pile driver.  He pushed to fight back but hot breath caught him against the side of the face.

"You want to play games, Vlad?" Mack's voice was hard, rough and turned him on.

"So you take my badge?" Vlad asked. Pushing back but was only rewarded when the beef-cake of a man drove him into the lover again and palmed his ass.

"You wanted me to take this ass, right?" Mack wanted to know, spanking and squeezing Vlad's ass cheeks.

All thoughts of fighting left him with each stinging blow. "Shit Mack! We can't do this here!"

"Why the fuck not? You love PDA, don't you?"

"Knock it off," Vlad lurched backward and Mack released him.  Turning around, he took a breath and held it to still his rapidly rising and falling shoulders. "As much I'd like to fuck you till your brain pop out of your head, I don't trust you. So go fuck yourself."

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