Friday, 20 July 2012

[Flash Fic Friday] Cos and Dante

Cos stretched his legs out before him and closed his eyes.  It was a long day. Physio had gone well but it was painful.  He was thirsty but he didn't want to wake Dante.  Ever since he was shot in the line of duty four months before, Dante has been nothing but helpful; to the point of exhaustion.  His hip was stiff already, leaving him cringing with each movement. Still he sat there, eyes closed trying desperately to wish away the throbbing in the hip.

"You're in pain," Dante's voice was soft.  He sat beside Cos and caresed the tattoo against his left shoulder. "You should tell me when you're in pain."

Cos smile, shivering at the caress. "I didn't want to wake you," he inhaled. "You've done so much already and you were finally sleeping."

Dante laughed. "What do you need?"



Cos smiled. "Water...."

"And your hip?"

"Stiff and throbbing but I'll be fine."

"Okay," Dante said, standing. "I'll grab you some water."

Cos watched him leave the room and felt so useless. Just months ago he was a cop--detective and with one stupid move, he had a bullet in his hip and limping around.  For a while he couldn't shower himself. That was the lowest of the low.

Footsteps pulling him from his thoughts. Dante smiled and handed him a water bottle.

"I told you not to worry about this. I would do anything for you...."

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